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Not everyone in the images below will necessarily work on your project,since we sometimes run many sites ,but chances are they might because we double up on our tradesman between sites as and the needs arises

Collen James nheta picture

Collen James nheta

Director COO

As the founding of COLLAD ELECTRICALS PVT LTD. I pride myself in a skill set level next to none. I'm  an honest hardworking professional  for my clients to make their every electrical work dream come true .I believe in the good old values of hard work and I will never takes shortcuts in anything I do

Emmanuel Guta picture

Emmanuel Guta


 Emmanuel is seasoned electrician and really produce the best quality electrical work and gets it right every time.with some years experience in the industry and more specifically electrical you can rest assured your project is in good hand

Trymore Banda picture

Trymore Banda


Trymore is one of our star employee with a fantastic humble personality all around and an absolute rock to rely on even in the most stressful of situations or projects.he is hand on and takes no shortcuts everything is by book.as a site supervisor you can rest assured your project will be delivered on time and 100% perfect

Nathan Nheta picture

Nathan Nheta


Nathan is truly a very hard worker and nothing is too big a challenge for our general worker  

Darlington munemo picture

Darlington munemo

Head of team

Darlington has been with the company since it started and is our chief in charge of all electrical work and is the individual responsible for all lighting and wiring requirement. He is the best of the best and have experience in the industry

Patrick picture



Patrick is warm hearted positive spirit with an extremely pleasant demeanour and always finds a way of keeping everyone around him positive with his intoxicating smile and clam nature,with his skill in building/plastering/and tiling he is pleasure to work with and always finds a way to satisfy even the most difficult of clients

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